The Rudder!

The Hawks were like a ship in the night, weathering the storms. Mr. Drew was the rudder who guided and, steered his team from the back. Mr. Smith was at the helm, pushing all the right buttons.and, spinning the wheel valiantly. All the while, MVT was planted at the bow, with his binoculars pressed firmly against his forehead.

Mr. Joe Johnson awakened from a terrible nightmare, as he sat up in bed and screamed, “Man Overboard!” as Al Horford was tossed over the side. The storm gathered steam as others were tossed around the deck with injuries. Zaza, The Skipper bellowed, “Have no fear mates, Zaza is here!” He rebounded from his falls and defended his ship and, all it’s mates – whole heartedly.

TMac gathered the seals, assisted them and yelled, “All Hands on Deck!” And, so they were – scrambling to the decks and doing all the things necessary to fill in and right the ship through all the turbulence they encountered.

Sund, The Recruiter , passed out medals of honor as The ASKG lowered the anchors and screamed in disbelief, “Land! Land! Land is in Sight!” The ship mates families and fans were at home on their couches – praying and hoping, all the while that Gilligan’s Island was not the destination nor, refuge and, SO IT WAS, the mates did arrive and were HOME at last!

Carlos Monteban and his little troll who decried, “The Plane! The Plane! in delirium (as he was off his meds – for it was clearly a ship) extolled, “Welcome to Fantasy Island!”

Najeh, The Grand Master JeJe and NortyCyde made their fantasy picks as the mates exited the ship, not knowing the whole damned time – It was all but a dream.

The Play Offs are Here!

Pop your popcorn and gather your favorite beverages – (yeah baby!) Game On!

Source : Atlanta Hawks: Video: Hawks finish strong – Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)